Monday, December 7, 2009

World Domination By Taxing The Air You Breath

This type of news gives me the creeps. It makes me think that the future could make Rand's Atlas Shrugged look like a walk to the park. My unnerving mood arises from various very grave reasons. To name a few:

-That the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) can ORDER cuts in emissions without the approval of Congress...surely paves the way for a SUPRANATIONAL MONSTROUS ENTITY aiming to control our lives through the environmental case.

-That they're saying using cap-and-trade as a more efficient way of reducing emissions doesn't pay it off for me. This is an artifitially created market in which they do mess around with the way resources are assigned.

-How they dare to categorically say "The US government has declared that greenhouse gases threaten human health" and then add "the EPA's "endangerment finding" was needed to allow the agency to regulate carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases released by vehicles, power plants and factories under the federal Clean Air Act." What?! This means that you no longer are allowed to breath for free because carbon dioxide comes from where...? Yes, you got ir right: your own breathing.

I mean, haven't you just read how very important raw data and econometric models had been manipulated to fit the EPA's claim and tricking people into believe this is all true. Notice the marketing effort on making it all seem necessary by portraying the picture of pipelines in the midst of the work. Now, to me what this image represents is the picture of progress for everyone in this planet.

The picture is from the BBC News site and you can read the full report here


  1. I came up with the title thanks to a word-playing of my friend Julio.

  2. Indeed. The fact that the raw data was dumped and only value-added (WTF?) data remained should be the flag that makes us all jump. Maybe if nuclear power costs weren't so prohibitive because of legislation, the market would shift to that cleaner source of energy.

  3. Indeed it is legislation which prevents from more efficient sources of energy from making it big time. There's an study by Instituto Juan de Mariana on how much it costs to the state the use and research of "alternative" sources of energy. It is indeed a fail -wannabe- enterprise and prevents some other more efficient to emerge. I.e, in Spain to generate a "green job" is 2.5 more expensive than in others.