Sunday, November 22, 2009

Right, so, finally?

The situation in Honduras seems to be coming to an end after most political parties which had threatened not to participate in the late 2009 elections, well, had a change of heart.

It's good to see that the candidate from Zelaya's own party, Elvin Santos, has declared that 21st century nonsense socialism has no place in Honduras. Let's see if hopefully he can take the lessons he has acquired through his life as a businessman and let the market forces salvage the Honduran economic system.

Regardless, this Sunday Honduras will vote and the Zelaya - Micheletti quandary will be put to an end.

I hope.

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  1. Revisa este artículo que fuere publicado por Carlos Alberto Montaner indicando cómo Estados Unidos retiró el apoyo a Zelaya y reconocerá las próximas elecciones a ser realizadas

    I am no expert in Politics, let alone, Honduran politics, but I don´t think it is that good when a businessman comes into power. You see, running government is not the same thing as running a business. You can apply efficiency standards, granted, but a businessman is not necessarily a liberal mind.