Thursday, November 26, 2009

THANKSGIVING for Private Property

On this National Holiday in the USA, there is a wide range of news on Thanksgiving telling ways in which several of its citizens have decided to celebrate it. From college kids who are planning a 4 day-hard-core party-time to those who find it as a way to share with their dear families.

However, very little, tiny, minuscule attention is given in the mainstream media to the real origins of this celebration. Standard school text books say, it is a way to celebrate the sharing of a good crop, back in the days the Pilgrims came to this continent. However, it is my suspicion, such books might suffer from Alzheimer -or something along the lines, because they constantly forget to tell how such crop came to be. They initially tried common property under the motto "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need". However as this Bloomberg columnist, Caroline Baum, reminds us: “young, able-bodied men resented working for others without compensation.” They thought it an “injuestice” to receive the same allotment of food and clothing as those who didn’t pull their weight. What they lacked were appropriate incentives.”

To read an entertaining article on how Thanksgiving is really a celebration of how the establishment of private property in the USA paved the way for progress and freedom, go

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